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PRICING – $1.60 & $1.70

  • Fantastic value with a maximum return on investment.
  • Dramatically cut down the cost, time and the inconvenience of creating your design
  • Extend the existing design while achieving a look of uniformity.
  • Hardwood Flooring – $1.70 sq/ft
  • Laminate and Engineered – $1.60 sq/ft




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    Acclimatization and Your Flooring

    Engineered wood flooring is composed of natural products and these need to become used to the conditions of your home before they are installed if you want to get better results. This is known as acclimatization. Though the flooring is more stable than solid wood floors, they will still settle slightly if introduced immediately to a new environment and this settling may interfere with the overall quality. It is therefore recommended that you should allow up to seven days between the day the floors are delivered to your home and the day of installation. Simply store them in the room where they will be installed and leave them to acclimatize while still in the packaging.


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    Always Consult a Professional

    When you decide to use engineered wood flooring in your project, you should never underscore the importance of using a professional in choosing and installing the floors. The variety, types and species may not just be confusing, but also overwhelming to you, but with the help of a professional, they will give you all the advice you need to make the right choice that will fit your budget as well as the needs of your project. Be careful to always choose wisely and use professional assistance if you want to get the most out of engineered wood flooring.

    One of the outstanding features of engineered wood flooring is that they look just like real hardwood. When you install them, you get that authentic look with additional benefits of engineering in the structure and at a relatively affordable cost compared to real hardwood flooring. Besides, they are available in different designs and colors and will complement the aesthetics of just any interior space where they are installed.


    Choosing Your Installers

    Installation by Experts
    It is indeed possible to install laminate floors if you have the right tools and you are willing to try it out. However, you may decide to hire professionals to get the work done for you if you don’t have the necessary tools or if you are not so passionate about DIY projects

    Get at least three estimates
    Don’t just pick the first installer you find. Obtain at least three estimates and make a price comparison. Of course, you need the service done at an affordable and reasonable price, but this does not mean that you choose the least expensive installer, even if they show signs of not providing a quality service. Use the three estimates to gauge the average cost of installation and choose the one with a good balance between the quality of service offered and the rates charged.

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